Our Brand

Natural World Inspiration

Our brand is inspired by the raw beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. There is a powerful aura to the island, a magic in the timeless kiss of the ocean against the sand. If you sit there long enough you will feel it travel over your skin and into your bones. Your soul will be reset under the stars, your spirit will hum with the sound of the changing tides. This magic is innately female, it speaks to the woman inside of us, loving, joyful, fulfilled. This is the Ooh La La spirit we strive to create in each curated design.

Small Batch Production

Less is more with our micro launch series. To thoughtfully design and produce high quality fashion, time and energy must be invested. OLL is a small brand, focusing on producing perfection over volume. Our brand is an art gallery, our pieces curated by inspiration and joy. Join us in our measured approach to our collections. Follow our journey to produce small, beautifully curated collections.

We Play with Shapes

Silhouettes are the key factor in determining fit. Every figure is uniquely beautiful. Use our shop by shape guide to help you purchase confidently.

Meet the team

Ali Ingellis, Founder

Ali is a native of Martha’s Vineyard. After finishing high school on MV she attended Mount Holyoke College, where she fell in love with the Pioneer Valley. Ali, her husband Matt, and their children reside in Amherst, MA on their family farm.

Ali comes from a long line of island businesswoman. Her great grandmother Dorothy House “Mammy”, owned and operated Dot’s Restaurant on Circuit Ave (now Mad Martha’s) from 1915 through to her death in 1971. Dorothy’s mother Alice House “Yanka”, owned and operated Oceanside Guest House on Kenenbeck Ave (now Vineyard’s Best Ice Cream) from the beginning of the Great Depression through the 1960’s.

Ali was inspired to create OLL after rediscovering Martha’s Vineyard through the lens of adulthood. Exploring the island with her children and creating new family memories, Ali conceptualized the brand though the sense of simple, authentic beauty the Vineyard is famous for. The clothing is a celebration of when life stands still, and the reflection of beauty is in the moment.